About Us

Petal Moments isn't really about flowers it's about the the beauty in being real. We're two friends who work the daily grind, cuss too much, call it like it is, we love our kids (but they've been known to fuel our frustrations occasionally, ha!) We believe in being real, karma and that being good people is what it's all about.
@PetalMoments we want you to be true to who you are, say what you feel and just put it all out there and while we just PUT IT ALL OUT THERE (all the time, ask our spouses!) we get sometimes, you might need a softer platform to do that.
Whether you want to say "It's Me... I'm Bitches...," commemorate the first day of school, pregnancy or other milestones, put that cute inspirational saying in your front foyer, show off your dog's birthday, your adorable baby, welcome guests, or whatever your little heart desires we want to be right there with you.
Follow us on Instagram @petalmoments, tag us, and watch for awesome new products, new boards and guaranteed LOL relatable posts.
If we offend you, that's okay, we don't have to be your people, you probably just have bad taste!